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PRO-IV is Covered by the below Insurance Companies:

DripAmerica is a citizen-led initiative whereby WE are taking real action to prevent the damages caused by opioid addiction as well as other dangers such as concussions.  Radio and TV star Jamie Allman says it best, “The DripAmerica plan makes common sense.”   DripFusion Enterprises, Inc. has developed non-opioid, non-steroid, safe, non-addictive solutions for chronic pain and acute concussion.  Pro-IV combinatory intravenous therapies open a new era in drug design and manufacturing as DripFusion technology merges trace minerals, micronutrients, and small-yet-effective dosages of synthetic drugs.  At a minimum, 97.3% of these components are found in nature.  Presently, all individual elements are FDA approved or manufactured by an FDA approved registrant.

“If you are never exposed to an opioid, it is impossible to get hooked on an opioid.”

-Jamie D. Dukes, co-founder of DripFusion Enterprises, Inc.

We have a solution and ask you to tell these influencers:

  • Ask your Physician to join the Opioid Re-calibration Coalition & Advisory (ORCA)

  • Sign Up for Pro-IV Mom’s

  • Personal Injury Lawyers

  • State Legislators

  • State Senators

  • US Congressmen

  • US Senators